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Brand New 60’s/70’s Collection Purchased Today

Please check out the video to see the comics purchased in the latest video today.

New YouTube Videos: Unboxing POP figures & Superman/Flash

Check out this unboxing video of the all the new Pop! figures in at the shop including Cuphead: The Devil, Marvel’s Contest of Champions: Civil Warrior (a Captain America variation), Howard the Duck & THE Real Groot….King Groot as Jack “King” Kirby envisioned him, Rick and Mort’s Cornvelious Daniel & from The Walking Dead: Ezekiel, “Bloody” Negan & Richard. These are all $10.99 each except for Howard the Duck $14.99. And then below a full statue unboxing video of the new Battle Statue of the Superman/Flash race Limited Edition Statue #161/5000 $299.99 from DC Collectables!

Additional new product 12/21/17 Variant PlayArts Black Panther, SOLO/NASA T-Shirts, Justice League Toon Tumblers, Marvel Select Spider-Gwen, Captain America Statue, Poison Ivy Figure, Wonder Woman Movie/Rick & Morty POPs N More~

Some late additions this week include: Variant PlayArts Black Panther $149.99, Justice League Toon Tumblers Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, Flash, Superman Wonder Woman $10.99, Kotobukiya 1/6 scale Captain America statue $129.99, Kotobukiya 1/10 scale Poison Ivy figure $69.99, Marvel Select Spider-Gwen $24.99,  Star Wars: SOLO (NASA inspired) T-Shirts L-2X $21.99/23.99, POP DC Bombshells Catwoman ($10.99)+ Chase figure ($34.99),  Wonder Woman movie Wonder Woman, Antiope, Etta w/sword, Rick & Morty: Summer,  Lawyer Morty, Beth & Jerry, New  52 Superman & Wonder Woman $10.99 each & Justice League Wonder Woman statue  $55.00.




Justice League Day Sat November 18

In Addition to Sat November 18 being LOCAL COMIC SHOP DAY http://www.localcomicshopday.com  it is Also JUSTICE LEAGUE DAY!! JC’s will have a Special Justice League comic & temporary tattoos for giveaway with either a purchase or show us your ticket stub from the new Warner Bros Justice League movie.


Marvel Legacy Lenticular Variant, DARK NIGHTS METAL: BATMAN the Merciless, Action Comics #990-Part 4 Mr. OZ (Jor-el) & More New Comics Oct 25

Marvel’s Legacy restart Continue Wed Oct 25.  America #8, Black Panther #166, Captain Marvel #125, Jean Grey #8 & U.S. Avengers #11. High anticipation is for the Lenticular Variant covers. These are not going to be cover priced for single copies because the ordering hoop requirements Marvel put us retailers through. If you purchase both a regular cover & a Lenticular cover. The cost is $9.50 (if cover priced $3.99 ea). If you Only wish to purchase the Lenticular cover it will be $8.50. Other shops in the area charging $9.99-20.00 per Lenticular. This offer available Only while quantities last. There will be other Variant covers available too, price vary on issue. Other New Comics include from DC Comics Action Comics #990 Part 4 of the Mr. OZ (Jor-el), Batgirl #16, Batman Beyond #13, Dark Nights: Metal Batman the Merciless #1, Dark Nights: Metal Murder Machine #1 2nd print (JC’S STILL Has 1st prints available), DC House of Horror #1, Detective Comics #967, The Flash #33 (Dark Nights tie-in “Bat Out of Hell” Part 1), Gotham City Garage #2, Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #31, Hellblazer #15, Injustice 2 Vol 1 hardcover, Justice League of America #17, Kamandi Challenge #10, Nightwing the New Order #3, Ruff & Reddy Show #1, Suicide Squad #28, Teen Titans #13, Wonder Woman #32, Marvel also has All-New Wolverine #26, Amazing Spider-Man #790, Daredevil #28, Despicable Deadpool #288,  Incredible Hulk Epic Collection-Hulk Must Die trade, Punisher #17, Punisher Platoon #2 written by Garth Ennis, Silver Surfer #14 last issue, Star Wars Jedi Republic Mace Windu #3, Thanos #12, Thor: Where Walk the Frost Giants #1, Weapon X #10, X-Men Blue #17. Image Comics has Gasolina #1 2nd print & #2, Hard Place #3, Saga #48, Southern Cross #13, Spawn #279. Dark Horse has Angel, Buffy. Goosebumps from IDW & So much more!!

New Comics Oct 11 including DARK NIGHTS METAL #3, ACTION COMICS #989 (Mr. OZ Part 3), DETECTIVE COMICS #966, FLASH #32, MISTER MIRACLE #3, 3 Different STAR TREK’s N More!!

LOTS of GREAT product this week. I read most of the 8 Marvel Legacy & Enjoyed Them. A Step in the Right Direction for Marvel, let’s Hope. Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #12, America Gods #8 (Neil Gaiman!!), Batman/Flash: The Button Hardcover $19.99, The Crow: Special Edition Hdcr $29.99, Daredevil #27, Dark Nights Metal #2 2nd print & #3, Gotham City Garage #1, Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #30, Justice League of America #16, Mister Miracle #3, Ragman #1, Red Hood & The Outlaws #15, Star Wars Doctor Aphra #13, Scooby Apocalypse #18, Sheena #2, Star Trek: Boldly Go #12, STNG: Mirror Broken #4, Star Trek: New Visions #18, Supergirl #14 with a Cool Stanley “ArtGerm” Lau cover, Suicide Squad #27, Weapon X #9, Wonder Woman #32 Part 2 of Children of the Gods, the Walking Dead Vol 14 Hdcr, Walking Dead Tribute Variant Covers,  The Tremendous Trump #1 (cover is a take off from Incredible Hulk #1-wonder what Jack Kirby would think?!-So Funny!!), X-Men: Blue #13, Volcanosaurus #1 (This is So Cool!!) Variants from Marvel Legacy include “How to Draw”, “Trading Card” & “Headshots”,  N More. Check previous posts for covers to Marvel Legacy Lenticular & the Walking Dead Tribute covers.




New comics Sept 20 Batman The Red Death, Simpsons Treehouse of Horror, Venom, Venomverse, Justice League N More!

Today Wed Sept 20, the 1st of the Batman: Dark Multiverse one-shots come out Batman: The Red Death! Nightwing #29, the 2nd part to Teen Titans #12-a Metal tie-in from last week. JC’s Comics N More: Your Pop Culture Super-Store Still has copies of the 2 lead in issues to this event- Dark Days: The Forge & Dark Days: The Casting as well as Dark Nights: Metal #1 & a Very limited supply of Dark Night Metal #2 left. Plus the 23rd issue of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror!! For more of this event click the link to DC Comics. http://www.dccomics.com/comics/dark-matter-2017/dark-nights-metal-1

Plus Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, Avengers, Batman, Batman Court of Owls Coloring Book, Batman Dark Knight III Master Race hardcover, Black Hammer, Brian Pulido’s La Muerta: Vengeance, Catwoman trade by Jim Balent, Dr. Strange, Green Arrow, Green Lanterns, Harley Quinn, Invincible Iron Man, Justice League, Spider-Men II, Superman, Super-Sons, X-Men: Gold,  Star Wars Annual #3, Star Wars Adventures #2, Star Wars: Capt Phasma #3, Star Wars: Poe Dameron #19 & 40th Anniversary variants, Venomized variants, Venomverse #3, Wonder Woman/Conan #1 N Much More

PLUS: Don’t Forget Sat Sept 23 is Batman Day!! Special Batman related sale & giveaways!

Dark Nights: Metal #2 Action Comics #987, Teen Titans #12, Venomized Variants, Secret Empire: Omega #1, Weapon X #8 N More new comics 9/13/17

Today Wed Sept 13, the 2nd issue of the Most Highly Anticipated Mini-Series Event from DC Comics comes out. Dark Nights: Metal #2!!  There are a total of 4 different covers for this issue each $3.99. Covers include art by Greg Capullo, Andy Kubert, Jim Lee & John Romita Jr. JC’s Comics N More: Your Pop Culture Super-Store Still has copies of the 2 lead in issues to this event- Dark Days: The Forge & Dark Days: The Casting as well as Dark Nights: Metal #1. ALSO the 1st of the Dark Nights Metal tie-in’s Teen Titans #12 Featuring the 1st Full Appearance of…!!! For more of this event click the link to DC Comics. http://www.dccomics.com/comics/dark-matter-2017/dark-nights-metal-1

Plus Action Comics #987, AT Last the Identity of Mr. OZ revealed! We have All 3 covers including the Lenticular cover! New issues of Old Man Logan, The Realm #1 from Image Comics!, Amazing Spider-Man #32, Secret Empire: Omega #1, Titans, Sheena #1 with a J Scott Campbell cover, X-Men: Blue, Weapon X #8 the search for Weapon H Continues Star Wars 40th Anniversary variants, Venomized variants, Venomverse #2, The Shadow #2, The Nick Cave: Mercy on Me GN, Mister Miracle #2 N Much More.

Next Week Batman GCPD Rogues, Ghoulsville Masks, Harley Bombshell Statue, POP! Joey Ramone, Black Panther PVC Figure, TV Flash Bust, VenomVerse N More!!

Some of the New Product next week includes Art of Olivia 2018 Calendar $14.99, the Batman Animated GCPD Rogues Gallery 5 piece set $175.00, DC Bombshells Harley Quinn Statue $200.00, DC Superhero Best of Figure Collection #38 Aquaman $17.99, Flash TV Flash PX Bust $59.99, Ghoulsville Vac-Tastic Plastic Masks: Astro Zombie GID, Blood of Dracula, Crud Mummy, Crypt Vampire GID, Fish Face GID, $35.00 ea, Marvel Fact Files Special #28 Venom $34.99, Marvel Gallery Black Panther PVC figure $45.00, POP! Music Joey Ramone figure $10.99, SLAYER: Repentless hdcr $19.99, Topps 2017 Star Wars .Galactic Files Reborn T/C Box $95.76, Vintage DC Comics 2018 12 Month Wall Calendar $18.99 + The New VenomVerse Mini-Series & Many of the new VenomVerse Marvel Variant covers too.