McFarlane NFL Figures Madden 18 Unboxing Video

Here’s the Newest wave of NFL Madden 18 figures from McFarlane Toys.

New NFL Madden figures, DEADPOOL, POP Marvel vs Capcom, GODZILLA, BOB ROSS, Superman vs Doomsday, Wonder Woman keyring, Metallica POP’s,

New this week or Back in Stock includes: DEADPOOL One:12 Figure $80.00, DC Direct: Superman vs Doomsday 2 pack $75.00, NFL Madden 18 Figures include from the Pittsburgh Steelers Le’Veon Bell, Oakand Raiders Derek Carr, Phoenix Cardinals David Johnson & Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott/Ezekiel Elliott $29.99 ea, more for the limited edition Variants, POP! figures from Bob Ross, Star Wars: First Order Flametrooper, NFL Tom Brady & Ben Roethlisberger $10.99 each, Marvel vs Capcom: Rocket/Mega Man X, Gamora/Strider, Ultron/Sigma $19.99 each, MetallicA’s Jaymz,  Kirk & Robert $10.99 each, Walking Dead Daryl $11.99, S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla Ohrai Noriyosho Poster Version $74.99 & Wonder Woman keyring $4.99.

DOOMSDAY CLOCK Early Release 11:57pm Nov 21

Tonight @ 11:57pm DC Comics highly Anticipated DOOMSDAY CLOCK 12 issue mini-Series Begins!! 4 Different covers available including the early release variant! PLUS by showing up at the early release & purchasing Your copy, you get a limited edition print & Doomsday Clock button!! While quantities last. As AN Extra Added Bonus, You CAN purchase Any of the New DC Comics releases as well. Sorry, we Can Not sell Non-DC Comics. any shop that Does IS Breaking the “Wed” street date.

Wonder Woman: Tiara, Bracelets, Lasso Prop Set Unboxing Video

The Unboxing of the WONDER WOMAN: Tiara, Bracelets & Lasso Prop Set $300.00 Limited to 605.

Star Wars Black Box Series Figures Unboxing Video

The New Star Wars Black Box Series Figures ARE Here!!

New Product Nov 15 Frazetta Death Dealer, Star Wars/Hellboy POP’s, Venom Statue, Star Wars 6″ Black Series, Ghoulsville Halloween/Mars Attacks 2′ Masks, Wonder Woman Prop Set N’ More

A BIG week for Awesome new product the Week of November 15 includes: Frazetta Death Dealer 1/7 scale Statue $240.00, Ghoulsville GitD* Graveyard Ghost, GitD Mars Attacks Martian, Nightmare Bride, The Ripper Van-Tastic Plastic Masks $35.99 ea, Marvel VENOM Collectors Gallery Statue $160.00, Marvel Small Comic Graphic Novel Art Box featuring from the cover of Defenders #10 Thor vs Hulk $13.00 ea,  One-12 Collective Deadpool Action Figure $79.99, POP figures from Hellboy: Abe Sapien, Liz Sherman, Nimue: Queen of Blood, Rasputin, Star Wars: E8 Finn, First Order Executioner, Kylo Ren, Luke Skywalker, Poe Dameron, Praetorian Guard, Rey Vin, Rose Vin, Supreme Leader Snoke $10.99 ea, Star Wars Black Series 6″ action figures $22.99 ea, Wonder Woman Tiara, Bracelets, Lasso Prop Set $300.00   *Glow in the Dark

Justice League Day Sat November 18

In Addition to Sat November 18 being LOCAL COMIC SHOP DAY  it is Also JUSTICE LEAGUE DAY!! JC’s will have a Special Justice League comic & temporary tattoos for giveaway with either a purchase or show us your ticket stub from the new Warner Bros Justice League movie.