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New YouTube Videos: Unboxing POP figures & Superman/Flash

Check out this unboxing video of the all the new Pop! figures in at the shop including Cuphead: The Devil, Marvel’s Contest of Champions: Civil Warrior (a Captain America variation), Howard the Duck & THE Real Groot….King Groot as Jack “King” Kirby envisioned him, Rick and Mort’s Cornvelious Daniel & from The Walking Dead: Ezekiel, “Bloody” Negan & Richard. These are all $10.99 each except for Howard the Duck $14.99. And then below a full statue unboxing video of the new Battle Statue of the Superman/Flash race Limited Edition Statue #161/5000 $299.99 from DC Collectables!

New Product Photos This Week 1/11/18

Here are photos of our new product this week!

(click the names to jump to the photos!)
Misfits “The Fiend” from ReAction – $15.00
Star Trek Starships USS Defiant from Eaglemoss – $24.99
Superman by Neil Adams from DC Collectibles – $150.00

Misfits “The Fiend” from ReAction


Star Trek Starships USS Defiant NCC-1764 (glow in the dark) from Eaglemoss 

Superman by Neil Adams from DC Collectibles (glow in the dark)

Two New Product Unboxing Videos: Superman, Misfits, Black Panther, Star Trek, N’ More!

Check out the latest videos from our YouTube Channel, the first video shows new product in this week and the second video showcases the Neil Adams Superman Statue from DC Collectibles! Stay tuned for detailed photos of the products seen in the videos and more details about the Black Panther Action Figure sets!