Halloween Comic Fest Exclusive Emma Frost “Clear” POP @ JC’S

Special Exclusive EMMA FROST POP Available for Halloween Comic Fest. These are Very Limited & ARE Limited to ONE Per Family. They are $11.99.

Be sure to stop in This Sat October 28, 2017 11-7. 1 FREE Comic for “Trick or Treaters”~2 FREE Comics If You are wearing a Costume! Huge Halloween Sale in Effect!! 15% Off Action Figures, Statues, T-Shirts, Posters/Prints, POP! Figures, Banks, Wall Comics, Comics in the Blue Bins, Graphic Novels, Tradepaperbacks, Hardcovers & Calendars.  25% off Back Issue Comics in the Red Bins & Playboy back issues!! Dollar boxes discounted at 20/$5.00!! Sorry but new comics are not on sale. PLUS JC’S will have Special packs 25 mini comics for $4.99 for you to give away for Halloween to Trick or Treaters!! If you come in costume, receive an eXtra 5% off Your purchase total! Sorry But Superhero T-Shirts do Not count as a costume.

Additional New product this week-NFL Madden 18, Thor’s Hammer, More Unquotable Trump & next week: POP Alien, NFL Carson Wentz, Art Adams’ Vampirella Bust, Ash vs Evil Dead, Bernie Wrightson artbook~

A few items came in early today & are Available for sale. These include: NFL Madden 18 series 1 $24.99 ea (variant A.J. Green $34.99), Electronic Thor Hammer $109.99 (lights up, Are YOU Worthy???), NFL POP Coach Mike Ditka $10.99, Kingdom Hearts keyring $19.99 & back in stock Thor’s Hammer keyring $7.99 & The Unquotable TRUMP $19.99!!! New product next week Nov 1 includes: Absolute Justice League: Worlds Greatest Super-Heroes Hdcr by Paul Dini & Alex Ross $75.00, Ash vs Evil Dead Ultimate Ash 7″ figure $26.99,  Bernie Wrightson Artifact Edition Hdcr from IDW Publishing Cover A & B $150.00 ea, DC Wonder Woman Logo w/Lasso Pewter keyring $5.99, Ghostbusters Ectomobile Owners Workshop Manual Hdcr $29.99, Marvel Gallery HULK pvc figure Back in Stock $45.00, POP Alien Convant Neomorph, POP NFL Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz figures $10.99 ea & Women of Dynamite VAMPIRELLA Art Adams b&w Bust $89.99.

New Funko POP’s include NFL’s Namath, Marino, Brett Favre, Roger Staubach, Barry Sanders & Walter Payton + UFC’s McGregor

NFL POPs include Dan Marino, Joe Namath, Brett Favre, Barry Sanders, Roger Staubach & the Great Walter Payton & from the UFC Coner McGregor $10.99 ea,

DC’s DOOMSDAY CLOCK Official Ad & Presale Info for Nov 21.

Coming November 22, from DC Comics the 12 issue mini-series We’ve ALL Been waiting on. DOOMSDAY CLOCK!! JC’s Will Be Selling #1 at 11:57pm (3 Minutes to Midnight  😉  ) Tuesday November 21 for those who can’t wait until Wed! A Special Variant Edition will be Made available as well as promo pins! Click on Rorschach’s image to see an example of what the Lenticular cover will look like.

WALKING DEAD Variant Tribute covers October 25

As part of Image Comics 25th Anniversary, the month of October will see the release of over 30 Walking Dead Tribute covers. Oct 25 is the 4th week of these tribute covers. JC’s has both color & B&W covers that are available. This week: Angelic #2 Color/B&W, Copperhead #15 Color/B&W, Gasolina #2 Color, Hack & Slash: Resurrection #1 Color/B&W, Hard Place #3 Color/B&W, Southern Cross #13 Color/B&W, Spawn #279 Color/B&W, Underwinter: Field of Feathers #1 &  Wayward #24 Color/B&W. Those that have pre-orders you can pick them each week or wait until after all have come out. There are still a few that are running late & will be out in the next couple of weeks.

Marvel Legacy Lenticular Variant, DARK NIGHTS METAL: BATMAN the Merciless, Action Comics #990-Part 4 Mr. OZ (Jor-el) & More New Comics Oct 25

Marvel’s Legacy restart Continue Wed Oct 25.  America #8, Black Panther #166, Captain Marvel #125, Jean Grey #8 & U.S. Avengers #11. High anticipation is for the Lenticular Variant covers. These are not going to be cover priced for single copies because the ordering hoop requirements Marvel put us retailers through. If you purchase both a regular cover & a Lenticular cover. The cost is $9.50 (if cover priced $3.99 ea). If you Only wish to purchase the Lenticular cover it will be $8.50. Other shops in the area charging $9.99-20.00 per Lenticular. This offer available Only while quantities last. There will be other Variant covers available too, price vary on issue. Other New Comics include from DC Comics Action Comics #990 Part 4 of the Mr. OZ (Jor-el), Batgirl #16, Batman Beyond #13, Dark Nights: Metal Batman the Merciless #1, Dark Nights: Metal Murder Machine #1 2nd print (JC’S STILL Has 1st prints available), DC House of Horror #1, Detective Comics #967, The Flash #33 (Dark Nights tie-in “Bat Out of Hell” Part 1), Gotham City Garage #2, Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #31, Hellblazer #15, Injustice 2 Vol 1 hardcover, Justice League of America #17, Kamandi Challenge #10, Nightwing the New Order #3, Ruff & Reddy Show #1, Suicide Squad #28, Teen Titans #13, Wonder Woman #32, Marvel also has All-New Wolverine #26, Amazing Spider-Man #790, Daredevil #28, Despicable Deadpool #288,  Incredible Hulk Epic Collection-Hulk Must Die trade, Punisher #17, Punisher Platoon #2 written by Garth Ennis, Silver Surfer #14 last issue, Star Wars Jedi Republic Mace Windu #3, Thanos #12, Thor: Where Walk the Frost Giants #1, Weapon X #10, X-Men Blue #17. Image Comics has Gasolina #1 2nd print & #2, Hard Place #3, Saga #48, Southern Cross #13, Spawn #279. Dark Horse has Angel, Buffy. Goosebumps from IDW & So much more!!

The UNQUOTABLE TRUMP GN from Drawn & Quarterly $19.99

New This week from Drawn & Quarterly: The Unquotable TRUMP $19.99. This Treasury Sized Masterpiece is filled Quotes from ‘Merica’s favorite Commander in Chief in the form of famous comic book covers. JC’s has a Very limited supply available now, but has 12 more coming in on Friday. A Must have for Fans of Silly Funniness Parodies!!! I Doubt that this sees a 2nd print as some of the copyrighted characters. Sure that Marvel/Disney’s lawyers are seeing to that.

October 25 product includes Darth Vader “Dark Cider” T-Shirts, Brian Pulido’s Lady Death T-Shirts, Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Elvira, Thanos, Trump N’ More!

New product at JC’S Comics N’ More: Your Pop Culture Super-Store this week includes:  Dark Cider T-Shirts “Thirst is the path to the Dark Cider.  Thirst leads to drinking.  Drinking leads to tasting.  Tasting….leads to satisfaction.” S-3X $21.99-23.99, Other T-shirts include Dark Nights Metal Dawnbreaker L & XL $19.99 & Brian Pulido’s Lady Death: Reaper L-3X $25.00, Batman the Animated series Batcave with Alfred figure $175.00 (I have a video unboxing this, I have to upload), Freddy from A Nightmare On Elm Street has his own PVC Bust bank $18.99, Marvel PVC Spider-Man $15.00 (the last part of the line from Schleich that came out this week), Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 Leatherface 8″ Retro figure $32.99,  Rock Candy: Elvira $10.99, VenomVerse Small comic art box $13.00, Thanos Molded Mug $14.99 & Back in Stock from Marvel Diamond Select the Thanos statue $150.00……Oh Yeah there’s this other thing, it may look like Marvel Treasury Edition #5 with The Incredible Hulk art by John Romita, but it’s not it’s only The Unquotable TRUMP $19.99 should be very interesting. It’ll BE HUGE!!! See Additional post for More photos from this. LOTS of comic covers spoofs!! It’s AWESOME!!



Special Grand Re-Opening Anniversary Sale Sunday October 29, 2017

Be sure to stop in This Sun October 29, 2017 12-5.  Special Grand Re-Opening Anniversary Sale in Effect One day Only!! 20% Off Action Figures, Statues, T-Shirts, Posters/Prints, POP! Figures, Banks, Wall Comics, Comics in the Blue Bins, Graphic Novels, Tradepaperbacks, Hardcovers, Calendars, Back Issue Comics in the Red Bins & Playboy back issues!! Dollar boxes discounted at 40/$10.00!! Sorry New comics are not on sale. PLUS JC’S will have Special packs 25 mini comics for $4.99 for you to give away for Halloween to Trick or Treaters if we haven’t sold out from the previous day on Halloween Comic Fest!! Plus if we have any left from HCF, 1 FREE Comic with purchase!