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New Product DC Statues Superman & Catwoman, Marvel Toy Biz N More

Lots of Very Cool stuff the last few weeks!! DC Cover Girls Catwoman Statue $125.00, DC Designer Series Jim Lee Superman Statue $150.00 Marvel Legends Toy Biz Retro line with Ant-Man, Black Panther, Hawkeye, Scarlet Spider, Vision & Wasp $19.99 ea, Avengers: Infinity War Infinity Gauntlet keyring $8.99, POP Funko Marvel Studios Hulk $13.99/Aquaman movie Aquaman $10.99, Funko 5 Star Horror Chucky, Freddy & Pennywise $10.99 ea & Star Wars Darth Vader: Vader in a box $19.99. As Always check the shop’s You Tube Channel to see the unboxing of these items & Additional info.

New Merch 8/29/18 POP Funko’s, ALIENS, Dinosaurs, Deadpool, Watchmen, New Teen Titans too!

New Merch this  week includes ALIENS: Colonial Marines-Raven previews exclusive 1/18 scale figure & Xenomorph Crusher 1/18 scale figure $39.99 ea, Captain America pvc Bust Bank $19.99, Deadpool Taco Truck pvc figure-Marvel Gallery $45.00,             Dynamic Forces Action Comics #1000 Curt Swan      variant signed by Tom King 34/60 $59.99, New Teen Titans Starfire Multi part Statue from Marv Wolfman & George Perez’s New Teen Titans #1 cover $80.00, POP Funko Diamond Exlusives Vertigo’s DEATH & LOBO regular & Bloody $11.99 ea, Sofubi Toy Box Tyrannosaurs Rex-Smoke Green version $45.99 & Watchmen/Doomsday Clock 2 figure set from DC Collectibles Set 1 featuring Dr. Manhattan &           Ozymandias $50.00

New Product & Unboxing Videos From This Week & Last Week

Check out the new videos on our YouTube Channel for an in-depth look at new products in the shop from this week and last week! Including DC Designer Series Aquaman & Mera Statue, Artgerm Harley Quinn Statue, Marvel Premier Venom Statue, new Funko Pops including from Rick and Morty, Black Panther, Looney Tunes, The Tick, and Carrie, Wonder Woman action figure by Bandai, N’ more!

New Product Photos This Week 1/11/18

Here are photos of our new product this week!

(click the names to jump to the photos!)
Misfits “The Fiend” from ReAction – $15.00
Star Trek Starships USS Defiant from Eaglemoss – $24.99
Superman by Neil Adams from DC Collectibles – $150.00

Misfits “The Fiend” from ReAction


Star Trek Starships USS Defiant NCC-1764 (glow in the dark) from Eaglemoss 

Superman by Neil Adams from DC Collectibles (glow in the dark)

Two New Product Unboxing Videos: Superman, Misfits, Black Panther, Star Trek, N’ More!

Check out the latest videos from our YouTube Channel, the first video shows new product in this week and the second video showcases the Neil Adams Superman Statue from DC Collectibles! Stay tuned for detailed photos of the products seen in the videos and more details about the Black Panther Action Figure sets!

New Product Preview For Next Week!

Some of the new product coming next week includes: POP! Rocks MetallicA-all 4 current members, POP! Batman ’66/The Animated series figures $10.99 each, The Walking Dead TV Negan/Glenn 2 pack $34.99, Shin Godzilla figure $24.99, Friday the 13th:Jason 1/6th scale statue $129.99, ALIEN Creature Assortment pack $24.99 & Hissing Xenomorph Illustrated Book w/Sound $12.99, Carnage statue from ArtFx $79.99, DC Bombshells Series Vinyl figure Batwoman, Poison Ivy, Supergirl $29.99 each . Available Wednesday, August 23! (Click on the images for a larger view!)

New Product 8/2/17!

New product in this week!

Mafex Suicide Squad Joker, X-Men, Women of the Marvel Universe, Deadpool, Preacher & Wonder Woman 2018 Calendars, DC Cover Girls Zatanna Statue, DC Designer Series Wonder Woman by Adam Hughes Statue, Diamond Gallery Marvel X-men Phoenix PVC Statue, Marvel Legends Series Spider-Man (Captain Universe), Beetle, Tombstone, & Moon Knight, Marvel Legends Series- Spider-Man: Homecoming Vulture, Spider-Man (Parker suit) & Spider-Man (Stark suit), Captain America Art Comic Small Box, & Superman Art Comic Small Box.

Mafex Suicide Squad Joker $59.99

X-Men, Women of the Marvel Universe, Deadpool, Preacher & Wonder Woman 2018 Calendars $14.99 

DC Cover Girls Zatanna Statue $100.00

DC Designer Series Wonder Woman by Adam Hughes Statue $130.00 

Diamond Gallery Marvel X-men Phoenix PVC Statue $45.00

 Marvel Legends Series (listed in order) Spider-Man (Captain Universe), Beetle, Tombstone, & Moon Knight $22.99 

Marvel Legends Series- Spider-Man: Homecoming (listed in order) Vulture, Spider-Man (Parker suit) & Spider-Man (Stark suit) $22.99

Captain America Art Comic Small Box $13.00

Superman Art Comic Small Box $13.00