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WALKING DEAD Variant Tribute covers October 25

As part of Image Comics 25th Anniversary, the month of October will see the release of over 30 Walking Dead Tribute covers. Oct 25 is the 4th week of these tribute covers. JC’s has both color & B&W covers that are available. This week: Angelic #2 Color/B&W, Copperhead #15 Color/B&W, Gasolina #2 Color, Hack & Slash: Resurrection #1 Color/B&W, Hard Place #3 Color/B&W, Southern Cross #13 Color/B&W, Spawn #279 Color/B&W, Underwinter: Field of Feathers #1 &  Wayward #24 Color/B&W. Those that have pre-orders you can pick them each week or wait until after all have come out. There are still a few that are running late & will be out in the next couple of weeks.