Marvel Legacy Lenticular Variant covers shipping Oct 11

Marvel’s Legacy restart Continue Wed Oct 11. All-New Wolverine #25, Amazing Spider-Man #789, Defenders #6, Despicable Deadpool #287, Falcon #1, Gwenpool #21, Uncanny Avengers #28 & X-Men: Blue #13. High anticipation is for the Lenticular Variant covers. These are not going to be cover priced for single copies because the ordering hoop requirements Marvel put us retailers through. If you purchase both a regular cover & a Lenticular cover. The cost is $9.00 (if cover priced $3.99 ea), 12.00 if cover priced $4.99 each. If you Only wish to purchase the Lenticular cover it will be $8.50 to $11.00 (Despicable Deadpool) ea. Other shops in the area charging $9.99-20.00 per Lenticular. This offer available Only while quantities last. There will be other Variant covers available too, price vary on issue.

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