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Return of Wolverine-This Wed or maybe early sale Midnight on Wed..

Greetings! Will find out for sure if we are Allowed to sell “Return of Wolverine” at Midnight Wed or regular store hours. Checking Diamond’s site & can’t locate anything. So will call them tomorrow. Now if it’s Only “Return of Wolverine” & Marvel’s. I might not, as I think it would waste Your Time & Gas to only be able to purchase those & have to return 11 hours later.


Talked to my Diamond Comics Rep, “Return of Wolverine #1” was scheduled to be a Midnight Release. So See everyone Wed Morning!!

Marvel teases Wolverine return with one page “end credit scenes” in comics

Starting with the January releases Marvel will have certain issues with a One page end Credits Scene with Wolverine. If You are interested in any of these comics, contact us, as JC’s Will not be increasing our orders by large margins. i.e. If I’m ordering 10 copies of a title, I Might order 14 copies with the Wolverine appearance. See below link for titles that are tie-ins.