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New Early 80’s/DC Silver-Age Collection 1st Appearance The Huntress/Booster Gold

Here’s a newly purchased Collection featuring mainly early 80’s DC & Marvel’s. The 1st 4 issues of The Punisher Limited Series is here-The #1 looks like copies I purchased right after I bought the shop in 1985. They’re THAT Nice!! 1st Appearance of the Huntress is in this collection as well. 3rd Appearance of Deathstroke the Terminator,  1st Terra, 1st Booster Gold, 1st G.I. Joe & Many many More!! There are some Silver-Age DC Comics as well. Check out the photos & watch the you tube video for more details. Thanks, Don’t wait too long as some have already sold. A Large stack is going on the $2.00 rack.

New Products This Week!

New 2018 Calendars this week. The Walking Dead (Both Comic & TV Series), Star Wars: Darth Vader & Son with art by Jeffrey Brown, The Gothic Art of Victoria Frances, The Fantasy Art of ROYO & The Fantasy Art of FRAZETTA, $14.99 each

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New this week, L’il DC Bombshells Series 2 Mystery Cans $9.99 ea.

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New Wonder Woman action figure from the new film! Only $39.99.

Walking Dead Pin $10