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Flash Sale Weekend

Specials on Trade paperbacks, T-Shirts, Action figures & Statues announced on Saturday. New items this week not eligible for sale prices

Special Back Issue Flash Sale this weekend August 16 & 17. Comics in the Red Bins 20% off. However Pull 15 or more for 40% off. I need to free up some space for new collections. Wall comics 15% off, spend $200 or more on wall comics for 20% off. Special Hours as well-Fri 11-9 & Sat 11-8

Special Silver/Bronze-Age flash sale

Okay had a couple of comic guys that only do on line auctions here wanting me to wholesale them older Silver/Bronze-Age Comics. The price that were offering was Waay TOO Low for me to consider. Wanted mainly keys. Offered to buy the entire wall of comics behind the front counter & the contents of the Blue Bin. We couldn’t come an agreement on prices, so here’s what I’m doing with the Blue Bin for the next 3 days, today included. 50% comics, but a Minimum of 8 comics pulled or if you spend $125. There are some higher priced comics in there. I’ve for these requirements because not too interested in selling a comic or two. Want Everyone in the area to Prove that I Was Correct in Not selling to them & taking the quick cash. I Want to have a Great Back issue selection for the comic fans in the area. They Even said while in here that I had a Great Selection. I Also Need everyone who reads this to Share it, Get the word out. I Know it can be done, I’ve seen it for other things. Thank You.