Special Recent Comics Sale Today Only Sept 9!

JC’S is having a Special One-Day Sale in Addition to the regular Anniversary Sale. I’ve had some ask if the recent comics were on sale. Today they are 32% off if you pull a Min of $100.00 off the recent comics racks. So you can buy $100 of recent comics for $68.00. Gives you a good opportunity to catch up on something you might have missed out & wanted to try. However you can not purchase anymore than one of any issue number comic. Example if I have 12 copies of The Walking Dead #168, you can’t purchase all 12, only one. JC’s will be open an Additional hour today as well until 8 instead of closing at 7.


JC’S Comics N’ More: Your Pop Culture Super-Store 32nd Anniversary Sale Ends Sunday September 10.┬áThe sale details are as follows Sale discounts Sept 9-10. Back issues in the Red Bins & Playboys 32% off, pull 40 of more 50% off*, Graphic Novels (trades/hardcovers), Comics on the wall/Blue Bins, Action Figures, Statues, Posters/prints, POP! Figures, Toon Tumblers, Keyrings, Bust Banks, T-Shirts & Trading Card Boxes 25% off. Wear Your JC’S Store shirt for an extra 5% off Your purchase total. Sorry consignment comics are not on sale. No layaway’s for this special sale.


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