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Marvel Toon Tumblers, Small Art Comic Boxes

New Marvel Comics Toon Tumblers $10.99 ea & Small Art Comic Boxes Amazing Spider-Man, Deadpool, Fantastic Four, Harley Quinn, Kingdom Come (Alex Ross) & X-Men $13.00 ea & Rick and Morty Fleeb Juice $2.99/can.

Update New Silver/Bronze-Age Collection

Still Lots of Key issues left. Well Over 95+% of the Collection left. So Many Cool & Different titles, No one can just buy up everything. Check out the below you tube videos to  see how the Collection progress came together.


New Silver/Bronze-Age Collection Updates

As a buddy of mine would say, I finally closed  the deal on That Big Collection on Friday the 13th!! LOTS of Great comics, Don’t delay, stop in before you miss out on the ones You Want!! Several Key Issues Already sold. Check the you tube channel for updates!

Silver/Bronze-Age Comics & Johnny Lightning Indy 500 Pace Cars uncovered & For Sale

New Silver/Bronze-Age Comics & Johnny Lightning Indy 500 Pace Cars uncovered & For Sale


Open @ 10 on New Comic Day May 30-Amazing Spider-Man #800, Doomsday Clock #5, Man of Steel #1…

Because of ALL the Great New Comics out this like Amazing Spider-Man #800, Doomsday Clock #5, Justice League: No Justice #4, Man of Steel #1 etc etc  JC’S Will open Early @ 10 instead of 11.

Here’s a Quick You Tube review I did of DOOMSDAY CLOCK #5

New POP! Pickle Rick’s, DC’s DEATH, Vynl IT: Pennywise/Georgie + Plus Small Comic Art Boxes

New additional this week include: POP Rick & Morty Pickle Rick & DC’s DEATH $11.99 ea. Vynl- IT: Pennywise with Georgie $14.99 & New Small comic art boxes featuring The REAL Iron Spider art by the late Michael Turner & Joker with art by Jock $13.00 ea

New POP VenomPool figures, Pacific Rim Gispy Danger GX-77 Soul of Chogokin & Ross Andru Amazing Spider-Man Artist Edition

Small week for new product, but here’s this: POP Venompool figure $10.99, Pacific Rim: GX-77 Gispy Danger Soul of Chogokin (checking on price from Diamond conflicting prices) & the Ross Andru Amazing Spider-Man Artist Edition $125.00


New 3/14/18 Pacific Rim Robot Spirits, Spider-Man statue, PREDATOR Headknocker, POP Figs, Marvel Select Venom, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, N More

New product this week includes the Robot Spirit Pacific Rim figures: Gipsy Avenger, Titan Redeemer & Bracer Phoenix  $19.99 & 29.99 each, Spider-Man Collectors Gallery Statue from Gentle Giant 753/2000 $179.99 Special feature lamp & Don’t Walk sign lights up!!-Be Sure to look at some of the photos carefully to see the lights, Jungle Hunter: Predator Headknocker $26.99, The Walking Dead Eugene & Sasha figs $10.99 each, Star Trek Starships: Enterprise Phase II Concept  $22.99, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 pack $59.99, DC Variant covers  Hardcovers $45.00 & Marvel Select VENOM fig $24.99 Back in Stock!!


Marvel Legacy Lenticular Variant, DARK NIGHTS METAL: BATMAN the Merciless, Action Comics #990-Part 4 Mr. OZ (Jor-el) & More New Comics Oct 25

Marvel’s Legacy restart Continue Wed Oct 25.  America #8, Black Panther #166, Captain Marvel #125, Jean Grey #8 & U.S. Avengers #11. High anticipation is for the Lenticular Variant covers. These are not going to be cover priced for single copies because the ordering hoop requirements Marvel put us retailers through. If you purchase both a regular cover & a Lenticular cover. The cost is $9.50 (if cover priced $3.99 ea). If you Only wish to purchase the Lenticular cover it will be $8.50. Other shops in the area charging $9.99-20.00 per Lenticular. This offer available Only while quantities last. There will be other Variant covers available too, price vary on issue. Other New Comics include from DC Comics Action Comics #990 Part 4 of the Mr. OZ (Jor-el), Batgirl #16, Batman Beyond #13, Dark Nights: Metal Batman the Merciless #1, Dark Nights: Metal Murder Machine #1 2nd print (JC’S STILL Has 1st prints available), DC House of Horror #1, Detective Comics #967, The Flash #33 (Dark Nights tie-in “Bat Out of Hell” Part 1), Gotham City Garage #2, Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #31, Hellblazer #15, Injustice 2 Vol 1 hardcover, Justice League of America #17, Kamandi Challenge #10, Nightwing the New Order #3, Ruff & Reddy Show #1, Suicide Squad #28, Teen Titans #13, Wonder Woman #32, Marvel also has All-New Wolverine #26, Amazing Spider-Man #790, Daredevil #28, Despicable Deadpool #288,  Incredible Hulk Epic Collection-Hulk Must Die trade, Punisher #17, Punisher Platoon #2 written by Garth Ennis, Silver Surfer #14 last issue, Star Wars Jedi Republic Mace Windu #3, Thanos #12, Thor: Where Walk the Frost Giants #1, Weapon X #10, X-Men Blue #17. Image Comics has Gasolina #1 2nd print & #2, Hard Place #3, Saga #48, Southern Cross #13, Spawn #279. Dark Horse has Angel, Buffy. Goosebumps from IDW & So much more!!